Prof. Rasim ALIZADE is Chair of Azerbaijan Committee and Member of Technical Committee for Linkages and Mechanical Controls of the International Federation for the Promotion Mechanism and Machines Science, IFToMM, which regroup about 50 countries. He devoted 45 years to the further promotion of theoretical base for the Structural and Kinematic Analysis and Synthesis of Spatial Linkages. He is a member of Editorial board IFToMM Journal APPLIED MECHANICS and was Chair of the International Symposium of Mechanism and Machines Science – AzCIFToMM October 2010, Izmir, Turkey. Under Prof. Rasim ALIZADE’s leadership there are scientific schools in Theory of Mechanism and Machines in Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Rasim Ismayil oglu ALIZADE was born in city Ganja, Azerbaijan in 28 November 1941 in the family of Lawyer. He received thorough training (school N 1) in Baku between 1950-1960 and then studied Mechanical Engineering Sciences at Kharkov Transport Engineering Institute, Ukraine, where he was awarded Engineer Diploma B.S. and M.S. degrees (1960 – 1965). His graduate study was carried out at the Mechanical Engineering Scientific Institute, Academy of Science USSR, Moscow, in the Laboratory of Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms where he received the Ph.D degree in Theory of Mechanism and Machines Science (1968). R. ALIZADE was awarded IREX Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship to conduct Kinematic Analysis and Synthesis studies in the Mechanical Engineering Departments at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy and at the Columbia University, New York, USA (1973 – 1974). He was also awarded by Fulbright Foundation and invited as Visiting Professor to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Florida University, Gainsvilly, USA (1981). Then he was also invited as Visiting Professor to the Mechanical Engineering Department of Beijin Astronautic and Aeronautic University, China (1989 – 1990). His second scientific work ‘Kinematic Analysis and Synthesis of Spatial Linkages’ was carried out at the Kazakhstan State University, Almaty (1992) for the Doctor of Technical Science degrees (Dr.Tech.Sc.) in the Theory of Mechanism and Machines Science.

Doctor Technical Science Rasim ALIZADE is Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department at the Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey since 2002 . He previously served as a Head of Textile and Food Machines Department (1970 – 1978), Dean  of Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Dean of Robotic Engineering Faculty (1979 – 1990), Vice Rector (1991 – 1992), and Head of Theory of Mechanism and Machines Department (1993 – 2001) at the Azerbaijan Technical University.

Professor R. ALIZADE is a teaching and research specialist  in Mechanical Engineering. His interest In robotics has blossomed in 1981 when he was working with professor J.Duffy (Florida University, USA). He found many three-dimensional practical problems to illustrate the use of Screw Theory. During the period of 1982 – 1988Prof. R. ALIZADE in cooperation with Prof. V.Syromyatnikov (Association ‘Energy’, Moscow) conducted scientific research on mathematical modeling and kinematic analysis of 6SPRR manipulator for space docking mechanisms. The work was resulted in working out of the new structures of the space docking mechanisms as 6THTR, 6CHCR, 6CCHR, 6CTHR, 6TTHR, 6TCHR and number of spatial manipulators. In 1989 he founded and was appointed as a supervisor of the ‘Mechanism Design’’ scientific-research laboratory of the Azerbaijan Technical University (1989 – 2001). His research interests in this period were further development of Screw Theory, Structural and Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms, and Kinematic Analysis of Robot Manipulators.

In 2002 Prof. R. ALIZADE has been invited to the Mechanical Engineering Department of  Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey. He has taught courses in Engineering Design for the undergraduate students ME 331-332 Theory of Mechanism and Machines I-II; and for the graduate students: ME 571 Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms; ME 572 Structural Design of Robot Manipulators; ME 575 Kinematic Geometry of Robotics; ME 577 Synthesis Problems of Manipulators. The main research area in Robotics with the Ph.D graduate Turkish students are the application of the Screw Theory to the Structural Synthesis and Kinematic Analysis of Overconstraint Robot Manipulators; and Kinematic Synthesis of Overconstraint Mechanisms. As the results of scientific investigations, mechatronics system of hand woven carpet technology process was introduced and manufactured recent.

Prof. R. ALIZADE is perhaps well known in Mechanism and Machines Science for his scientific papers published in the Journal of Mechanism and Machines Theory (Science Citation Index Journal), ASME Journal of Mechanical Design (SCI Journal, USA), IFToMM Journal ‘Applied Mechanics’, Proceedings of the IFToMM Word Congress and Symposiums, Russian Academy of Science Journal of Mechanical Engineering ( SCI Journal, Moscow), and others. Fourteen scientific specialists from Turkey and Azerbaijan got degree of Ph.D under the guidance of Prof. R. ALIZADE. He is an author of eight inventions and more than 100 scientific papers.