ME 242 Applied Mathematics for Engineers

Credit: ( 3 + 0 ) 3

Vector analysis. Matrices. Determinants. Systems of lineer equations. Linear transformation. Complex numbers and variables. Fundemental theorems of integral calculus.

ME 331 Theory of Machines I

Credit: ( 3 + 0 ) 3

Introduction to mechanisms. Degree of freedom of mechanisms. Kinematic analysis of planar mechanisms by graphical and analytical methods. Planar four-link mechanisms. Linear mechanical systems. Four-link mechanisms.

ME 332 Theory of Machines II

Credit: ( 3 + 0 ) 3

Static and dynamic force analysis of planar mechanisms. Dynamic motion analysis of planar mechansism. Vibration analysis of single degree of freedom systems. Kinematic synthesis of planar linkages. Cam mechanisms.

ME 402 Engineering Design

Credit: ( 2 + 4 ) 4

Students design and manufacture a new machine given a list of needs and functions.

ME 460 Introduction to Robot Technology

Credit: ( 3 + 0 ) 3

Forward and inverse robot kinematics analysis. Velocity and acceleration analyses of robots. Singularity analysis. Static force analysis of robots. Introduction to dynamic modelling of robots. Fundamentals of controller design.

ME 473 Dynamics of Machinery

Credit: ( 3 + 0 ) 3

Dynamic force analysis. Derivation and numerical solution of equations of motion in machinery. Flywheel design. Electric motors and motor selection. Cam dynamics. Balancing in machinery.

ME 571 Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms

Credit: ( 3 + 0 ) 3

Basic definitions. Introduction to kinematic analysis of mechanisms. Rotation matrices. Position analysis of spherical linkages. Homogeneous transformation matrices. Denavit-Hartenberg convention. Position analysis of spatial serial chains. Position analysis of parallel manipulators. Lie groups, Lie algebras, screw algebra. Velocity and acceleration analysis with screws. Complex numbers, quaternions, Clifford algebras. Planar kinematic mapping. Position analysis of planar parallel manipulators. Spatial kinematic mapping. Position analysis of spatial parallel manipulators.

ME 572 Structural Design of Mechanisms

Credit: ( 3 + 0 ) 3

Introduction, definitions. Enumeration of mechanisms and kinematic chains. Type syntesis of parallel mechanisms. Structural synthesis of paradoxical linkages.

ME 573 Deployable Structures

Credit: ( 3 + 0 )

Introduction. Scissor mechanisms. Polygonal and polyhedral linkages. Polyhedral linkages with planar link groups. Overconstrained linkages. Purely spatial deployable structures (PSDSs) composed of single dof loops. Purely spatial deployable structures (PSDSs) composed of multi dof loops. Jitterbug like linkages.

ME 577 Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms

Credit: ( 3 + 0 ) 3

Introduction to kinematic synthesis of mechanisms. Interpolation, Least squares and Chebyshev approximation methods and their application to function generation synthesis. Function synthesis of multi-dof mechanisms. 2 positions of a rigid body in plane. Graphical syntehsis methods. Path generation of planar linkages. Kinematic synthesis of planar linkages with dyads. Dead center design and transmission angle optimization. Kinematic synthesis of spherical mechanisms.